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By Brenda Ann Eckels, aMGC (c)2016


So, Trump is President, the GOP in power. It matters not how. It matters that it IS.


Wondering how many biological families are ready to pay and care for elderly and disabled #biofamily members they conviently left on federal and state programs already cut to the bone​ that will be dismantled to pay for 1% tax cuts and pork.

How many will do the moral, caring thing, bring them to their home, and do the backbreaking caregiving?

How many will institutionalize, euthanize, or just abandon those inconvient adult kids with Downs Syndrome, that Grandmother who needs home care, that uncle with narcolepsy or muscular dystophy that they only see at weddings and funerals?

Jewish Thought….

“Blessed are the poor, the widow, the orphan, the sick, the hungry, the prisoner…”

“Pay your taxes. Don’t force vulnerable people to pay more taxes than what is fair.”

“Pay your workers fairly.”

“Love one another as I have loved you”

“Why brag of what you do for favorite family and friends?

Even the Pagans, the evildoers do that!

I say you must equally love your enemies, all those you don’t like, who aren’t your favorites.”

—- teachings of a wandering 1st century Jewish Rabbi

Of course, the 1%, the Fundamentalist Conservative Extremists who had Power, and the Right-wing, Nationalistic led government of the time silenced that Rabbi pretty quickly.


Some archeologists (Jewish and other)found this Rabbi’s family tomb a few years ago, and while there was a box with his name, it was empty.

His brother, his Companion, and some of his followers believed that, like Elijah, God raised him from the dead up to Heaven, and taught “The Way”, the Rabbi’s teachings to others.

“You will know the followers of The Way by their Love.”

“The Rabbi’s followers are pretty easy to find if you know what to look for..”

“They share everything they have, so that no one goes hungry, homeless, alone. Even a sick near dead stranger on the side of the road is given a place to stay, food, medicine, company and companionship.”

“They are not like other groups who build huge temples, have a lot of complicated rules, or seperate people into a caste system. The followers of The Way don’t demand lots of money and goods be sacrificed to them or their statues, no matter how poor one is.”

“The Rabbi’s followers don’t stand on street corners shouting out about how their God is better than any other, even though they actually believe their God is The All, The One Divine Presence, and the same entity that Abraham and Moses believed in.”

“They also don’t believe that any one government or politician is treated better or worse by this God, although they do believe it is OK to ask this One Divine Presence to bless, or bring good things like wisdom or kindness to their nation.”

“They don’t torture, harass, or injure a person who has different beliefs, and no matter how different another’s beliefs are, no one is forced to follow The Way. No government or nation is obligated to follow the Rabbi’s teachings. Every nation, every group of humans are treated with kindness, tolerance, caring…Love!”

“The Rabbi’s followers don’t constantly push you to buy things from them either. In fact, even though many are talented artisans, and they adorn their homes and worship places – even themselves- beautifully, they will happily take the most precious and costly things they might have and sell them to make sure that even the most vile, evil prisoner has a daily ration of decent, if plain, food, clean water, and a place in the prison to sleep. Then they visit that wretch, and provide him or her company!”

“It is true! Widows, those with every sort of illness, orphans, refugees, homeless, even those who just can’t seem to hold a job are housed, fed, cared for – even if they must sell everything they posses and live as simply as the least amount them!”

Trump & Families….

Again, I wonder what will happen as Trump and the GOP make good on all the MAGA dogmas:

  • More money to Big Oil
  • Less regulation to prevent worker accidents, poisoned food and water, ecological disasters
  • More money to the obscenely rich
  • Deportation of the lowest wage workers
  • Shunting of women back into being sex objects or mother/wives at home
  • Cuts to social services
  • Increased ghettoization 
  • Decreased ability to freely travel
  • Isolationism
  • Nationalism
  • Nero type circus entertainment to distract
  • Increased hours working to survive
  • Loss of free time
  • Less education
  • War, at home militarization
  • No Free Press

Will biological families step up to the plate, make room in their homes for the less desirable, more costly members when the social safety net disappears? 

Jewish Thought & My Ministry

The followers of that 1st Century Jewish Rabbi already do take great care of bio family, unofficial family, adopted family. They will even take in strangers. 

I met many such followers of The Way in the Green Party – even in leadership roles, and a quite a few in the Libertarian Party in the US.  There are many scattered clusters of them among Independents. I found very few in the Democrats and Republicans and those I found were powerless and isolated from each other.

There are a large group in America that name themselves “Christians” who claim to be followers of that 1st Century Jewish Rabbi, but try as I could, I found very few who followed even a superficial minimal level of The Way. 

The majority of these so called “Christians” were either devotees of Trump and Nationalism, or owed allegiance to a variety of human leaders primarily interested in amazing power or wealth. 

Quite a few groups of “Christians” were actually doing the exact opposite of The Way intentionally. The young people poke fun at all these groups constantly, especially in scathingly sharp music like the group Hollywood Undead.

I did find Jews, Muslims, Hindus, Wiccans, and Buddhists who followed The Way. I even found athiests who followed The Way. Some, like the Muslims revere that 1st century Jewish Rabbi as a Prophet. Others didn’t worship him, but considered him a great teacher. Native Americans, meanwhile, often had traditions older than the first century that were identical to The Way. 

So these groups will take care of their bio families and others, I believe.

One group of so called “Christians” actually spend huge sums trying to prove the belief their founder had that the 1st century Jewish Rabbi mysteriously came to the Native Americans, but they also hold strange beliefs that by enacting certain rituals, gaining certain knowledge, they themselves become gods after death – about as far from Judaic thought as one can get. Besides, they have a much larger worship of money than anything, and I found very few followers of The Way amount them.


The young, the Millennials often form tribes which are like family to them. They have various codes, their own languages, economic systems. Many follow The Way, but don’t realize it, or who the teacher of it was. 

My Ministy….

That is where – amoung the Millennial American Tribes – I watch, listen, and tell the stories about Rabboni Yeshua bar Joseph, brother of James the Great, cousin of John the Baptist, teacher of The Way.  Jesus in English and many other languages. 

I believe that for a great many at-risk people in America, these tribes of American Millennials are the only hope for those who are not picked up by biofamilies when the next round of cuts to the social safety net come. 

Those who have learned of Rabbi Jesus incorporate him and The Way into the knowledge base of the tribe, but most often leave it to the individual as to what historical or myth parts of the Rabbi’s story to believe, as well as any decision to venerate, respect, or worship Jesus. 

For those interested in coming to “taste and see” the Independent Old Catholic style of worship, I remain open but never pressure them to any dogma or belief. 

I also ensure they get at least a basic understanding of how everything Rabboni Yeshua bar Joseph aka Jesus taught in The Way is based on earlier Jewish stories, scripture, myth, and the previous Rabbi’s and Leader’s commentaries. Jesus’ teachings have greater depth when matched up with The Pentateuch, 1st Century Palestinian history, the history of the Babylonian exile. 

I trust God that if I tell the stories, open the door, God is a seductive enough Lover to attract those who seek deeper friendship and more with the Divine. The Greatest Lover has no need of human-made spiritual Viagra, even if he chooses to make use of our puny efforts from time to time. 

The Great Gardener has an intimate variety of flowers to provide a spiritual home to each butterfly human. It is not any human’s job or right to say they must adopt a particular bush as the only right home. Nor do I or any human have authority to direct the path. God certainly has brought us a variety of paths to follow, and Ecumenical Franciscanism is mine, perhaps for that soul I meet, perhaps not. 

This fact that it is God, the Divine, in charge relieves me greatly.  

If humans were to be given both free will AND authority to say where other souls ought to be spiritually fed and how they should travel life’s path one has only to look at the example of Hitler to see how badly we humans would screw everything up.

And that brings us back full circle to Trump and the MAGA Dogmas, Nationalism, the continuing Eugenics by a thousand program cuts, and the impending moment of truth for millions of biological families…

Voters ask:”Wait, what have we done?”

Trump, Families, Jewish Thought, My Ministry. Four threads, intertangled.