There was a #poor #Spoonie in #Trump #America….

She started to talk softly,

Yeah, “The air is so cold here It’s so hard to breathe” home care, food stamp cuts, heat shelter so hard to keep if you find it… “We better take cover”

…and all the #americans who aren’t rich, no teeth, no botox, no SUV’s…

They cried out, millions of them, in an echo: “Better Take Cover…”

She cried out to anyone who would hear, “Will you cover me?”

Only silence rang from the rally halls.

She looked at her peers and sighed

“Way up here with the northern lights, Beyond you and me”

“I dreamt of us in another life….One we’ve never reached”

Shrugging, cold in the broken wheelchair, she sang…

“And you know we’re sinking…We could fade away.”

Then a steel resolve hit her face, jaw suddenly tight,

And the #poor #spoonie screamed:

“I’m not going down. Not today!”


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Andrew, David, and Alan put our lives into verse, saw into our brains and broken hearts…again. Thank you, DM., from BrendaTheWriter



Lyrics in quotes are from “Cover Me”, on the new Depeche Mode album, “Spirit” and all (C) on lyrics is to them. All the rest of the writing is (c)Brenda Ann Eckels, aMGC, 2017.

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