The Eckels Marquis Wedding F.A.Q.

Frequently Asked Questions About our Nuptial Weekend…


Q: Can we come the day before and stay overnight?

A: Yes! In fact we encourage it! Mi-Ti-Jo Campground is a full service campground right on the shore of one of our beautiful lakes. The meadow itself has 5 camper sites and 4 shared tent sites remaining as of June 15th that have water and electric, where you can park your camper or your pitch your tent. There is also one site remaining as of June 15th that is in the campground proper that is a full hookup site for someone with a larger trailer or RV.


Q: I know the bride was pretty sick a lot this winter. If I come, will she pass anything on to me? Can I help with the wedding expenses or with making or bringing something?

A: Thank you so much for offering to help! Yes, there are, as of June 15, a whole slew of things that we still need, and the invitation will list what “Amusements” we have, but more lawn games the better! As to catching something, well it is true that in Victorian days Typhoid and such were very great fears, but multiple sclerosis is not contagious, and any minor medical first aid etc that is needed will be available from the Licensed Nurse’s Aide we will have that day.


Q: Hey! I like camping! But I don’t have a camper, and I don’t want to tent. What can I do?

A: There are several companies that will be happy to rent you anything from a popup to fully loaded class A motorhome decked out for a rock star. The one we like the best is, but there are several other companies that serve our area. Contact and make arrangements with vendors directly, but call us as soon as possible to reserve your spot!


Q: What do I do if I get a little too tipsy to drive home?lilacheart

A: This is a DRY Wedding, so if you become tipsy from imbibing alcohol both the Milton Police and the Milton EMS will be called to transport you to our nearest hospital or booking room. Please see your invitation for specifics, but in a nutshell if you try to carry in, security will send it and you right back to your car.


Q: I have cancer, and I am on medically prescribed marijuana, which is legal in my home state. Where do I smoke?

A: Regardless of what you may have read or heard, marijuana is NOT legal in New Hampshire. If you are traveling from a state with a medical marijuana program and you must have a dose during the time you will be with us, you must return to your locked vehicle, leave the Mi-Ti-Jo property completely, and return once it has worn off enough to drive, along with other conditions. As in the question about being tipsy above, any kind of drug activity with the exception of previously verified and approved medical use will allow you a great tour of our local police station, and eviction from the wedding.


Q: Do I have to dress up?

A: The Groom, The Bride, and God all love you, and if you want to dress up go right ahead, but we are very understanding (as is God) that you may feel a lot more comfortable in summer casual or even in shorts and a t-shirt with sandals. The rule to follow here is: When your mother sees the pictures on Facebook, will she be OK with it?

We fully embrace and support those religious and clergy who are friends and family in wearing whatever habit or clerical garb your particular denomination considers appropriate for guests at a wedding. Be aware however, that Brenda has been known to knock the pointy hats or $500 red shoes off clergy more interested in being in a liturgical drag show than in being a good guest. Since she has 5 years of experience running a Catholic inter-denominational group, trust us, she will know if you are overstepping and there is only one thing worse than being dressed down in public by a little old bride. It is having her upload the video.


Q: Hey, I LOVE Steampunk! Can I wear a costume? Can I stay in character?

A: It doesn’t matter if you are a dedicated Steam-punker, a person with a closet of Victorian style clothing, a trunk with the occasional Renaissance gown, or if you just look at our links and say “Hey…I can do that!” You are encouraged to dress Steampunk style!

Now, for you dedicated Goth/Steampunk fans, first: If your character is one that will fit in to the wedding of a lovely young woman just a bit intimidated by all the social mores of marrying a Marquis gentleman who, despite his rough and tumble adventurous life IS still of the peerage, yes, you are most welcome to stay in character with anyone you please except the security, the campground staff, and if they don’t appear to recognize you, the bride and groom. Also, please, be cognizant that we not only will have many little kids and elders, but a proper Victorian Wedding is NOT the place to be displaying your post-zombie-apocalypic Earth ensemble with severed heads. Just because you added a pair of goggles, a top hat, and a few gears it still isn’t right for a wedding like ours.

In the same category, yes Steampunk film and literature is frequently about time travel. No, you can not show up as Spock, Wonder Woman, Obi Wan, or one of the Teletubbies. This is a Steampunk Victorian Wedding, not Comicon.

The above rule does NOT apply to princesses under the age of 12, nor does it apply to well dressed knights of the realm of the same age. Royalty is royalty, and certain prerogatives do belong to the nobility. Feel free to wear your Cinderella outfit or your knights breastplate and helmet. Don’t forget to bow and curtsy when meeting the bridal party members! You will get tickets for prizes when you do!




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